Application Process


  1. Issue the quote: Please give us your name, address, mobile number and email address, we put the quote into the rebate application system, you will receive an email from Solar Victoria that notifies you we sent a quote to you.

  2. Accept the quote: On the date of application start, click on the link in the email, put your email address, phone number, our company name, your quote number and the quoted amount, if all the information is correct, your suburb will pop up on the screen.

  3. Upload Council rate

  4. Upload Proof of income: The only documents they accept are ATO notice of assessment if you receive a salary, Centrelink PAYG summary if you are a pensioner or Statutory Declaration of Zero Income if you don't have any Australian income. Samples are below.

  5. Fill out your account details if you need the interest-free loan.

  6. Do the online identity check: You need to prepare document A (One of them): Australia/Foreign Passport, Australia Birth Certificate or IMMI card; and document B (One of them): Australia Driver Licence or Medicare Card. If you don't have documents above, please contact us.


         1300 728 979