Frequent Questions

What's the process of solar system installation?

(1) Obtain a quote from Solar Today

(2) Accept the quote and start the application through Solar Rebate Application Portal

(3) Receive an approval letter and loan contract ( if you take the loan)

(4) Solar Today will schedule the installation and do the installation

(5) The Clean Energy Council Inspector will check the whole system and issue the Certificate of Electrical Safety

(6) Solar Today will send connection paperwork to the energy retailer 

Process of reporting the faulty system

(1) Feel free to call Solar Today on 1300 728 979
(2) Solar Today will give instructions to gather photos such as inverter screen, inverter serial number, broken panels.

(3) Solar Today may assign our technician to fix the issue or replace parts if it's needed.

What warranties do we provide and do they cover the labour costs?

(1) Solar Today provides a 5-year workmanship warranty that covers all the cables, wirings, conduits broken because of the quality issues and property damages because of the solar installation in 5-years. For more information, please find details in our Workmanship Warranty Statements.

(2) Solar Today will also assist customers to claim the warranties of the panels and inverter. No extra costs need to be paid if the issue is quality related.

Can I keep the Premium Feed-in Tariff (PFIT) if I extend the Solar System?

(1) You will lose the PFIT if you make any extension of the solar system

(2) You can keep the PFIT if you replace the system with a like-for-like solar system

(3) For more information, you can visit

Can I apply for several rebates?

(1) Each homeowner can only apply one owner-occupier rebate even if you move house

(2) If you have investment properties, you are eligible to apply for the Solar for Rentals Rebate

(3) You may also be eligible for Solar for Business Rebate if you own a business

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