Frequent Questions

What's the process of solar system installation?

Generally, the processes of assessment will be:
(1) Signing the contract,
(2) Application of rebate eligibility and obtaining the eligibility reference number (if applying for the rebate),
(3) Installing the Solar system,
(4) Paying the full amount,
(5) Connecting the system to the grid,
(6) Submitting the rebate paperwork (if applying for the rebate)

Am I eligible for the Victoria Government Solar Rebate?

There are several qualifications to determine whether you are eligible or not, such as income and property value, you can go to to check the requirements.

Process of reporting the faulty system

Step 1: Gather necessary documents, such as contract, Certificate or Electrical Safety and invoice.
Step 2: Notify us via email or phone.
Step 3: We will instruct you to gather photos such as inverter screen, inverter serial number, broken panels. If you are unable to supply the necessary evidence that shows the system is faulty, we suggest you find a local electrician to issue a report, we will reimburse the costs if the damage is caused by the inverter.

Why did my electricity bill increase after solar installation?

We met several cases about the increase in the electricity bill after solar installation. Firstly, the solar system won't consume the electricity, even if the system stop working, the bill will remain unchanged. If the electricity bill increased, it could due to one of the following two reasons:

(1) The dramatical increase in electricity usage. You can compare the usages between the before installation bill and after installation bill.

(2) The energy retailer changed the electricity plan. Some company's solar plan has a much lower discount on the electricity unit price, it could cause an increase in the electricity bill.

If you meet any issue about the electricity bill, you can send us the before installation bill and after installation bill to compare.

You can also register Victoria Energy Compare to get a better due. The website is:

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