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Solar Panel Maintenance - What You Need To Know

Currently, we live in a period where electricity has never been more important. From our home appliances to lights, fans, AC computers, laptops, mobiles, wearable gadgets almost everything that we use on a daily basis requires electricity. As people have started preferring environmentally friendly ways and cost-effective solutions to power their homes, solar panels have turned out to be a great alternative to generate power. One of the biggest advantages of solar panels is the fact that they require very little care or maintenance.

Looking to install panels at your home? Here are the various maintenance practices that would work best for a solar panel system:

1) Preventive Maintenance: Preventive maintenance must be carried out regularly as it allows better management of breakdown risks. This maintenance is performed at predetermined intervals and must consist of checking each item of the solar installation including photovoltaic modules, inverters, wiring and routing, electrical protection system, batteries, charge controllers, etc.

2) Corrective Maintenance: Corrective maintenance is mainly about repairing and restoring panels to the previous condition, or replacing a part of the equipment, etc. Corrective maintenance is performed to minimize any loss in energy production and is performed during situations like module shadowing, physical integrity, and problems with wiring conduit and fittings.

3) Visual Inspection: As we mostly place panels on the rooftop, they are prone to damage or accumulation of waste particles from different sources. Therefore, keep inspecting the solar panel system frequently. Verify the equipment grounding, identify damage due to corrosion if any, and regularly clean the dirt accumulated to ensure that there is no loss of power. For cleaning you can use tools like a leaf blower, non-abrasive broom, non-abrasive sponge, low-pressure hosepipe, etc.

4) Shade Control: Growing trees, other plants, or even man-made obstructions may impact the solar availability in the panel. Therefore perform shade analysis of the system and carry out regular tree trimming whenever necessary.

5) Monitoring Solar Accessories: Solar panel systems include components such as inverters, panels, regulators, energy storage batteries, power meters & cables. All these components should work in tandem for optimum energy harnessing. Therefore, keep regular track of each to ensure proper functionality, if you notice any drastic increase or decrease in energy consumption readings, then it can be a signal of fault in the gadget. Therefore, monitoring solar accessories should not be neglected.

6) Hire Professionals for Repair or Replacement: If there’s any kind of equipment repair or replacement needed, then it’s better to hire professionals as they are specialized in solar repair and maintenance. They also make sure your system works to the desired capacity and meets your energy expectations for years to come.

Wrapping Up:

Cleaning your solar panels shouldn’t cost you much nor should it be an overly complicated process. Depending on the weather conditions, it’s important for you to at least regularly rinse off your panels, and if necessary, follow the above-mentioned tips to acquire a proper maintenance strategy.

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